PLEASE NOTE: we are NOT purchasing items.

We are no longer buying garments, so inquiries about purchasing will not be answered anymore.





Opening hours:

Currently appointments are not possible.



Bosakker 40

2440 Geel





Important notices

Museums can borrow clothing for free, only for inventory or exposition purposes, and as long as the shipping costs both ways will be covered.


We do not rent out clothing for shoots or styling jobs. We are truly sorry, but most of these requests come in last-minute, which means due to delivery times the pieces would often arrive too late (even with express shipping). Exceptions can only be made for jobs in Belgium and the Netherlands.


We absolutely DO NOT gift clothing. As a celebrity or ‘social media influencer’ you can buy pieces just like everyone else. Also, no discounts in exchange for ‘exposure’, we don’t want it.


We can’t take appointments anymore. Perhaps this will change in the future.


We are not purchasing anymore. Mails like these will not be answered anymore.


All questions regarding Bikkembergs boots (new auction dates, inventory inquiries, asking for reservations and discounts) will not be answered anymore.