Privacy & safety

Is this site thrustworthy?

If this is your first purchase and you’re wary, pay via PayPal, they offer buyer’s protection.

Feel free to email us in case of questions.

Are your items authentic?

Some prices are very low because we try to work with small margins. We do not sell, nor accept counterfeit items. We also do not sell collaborations with high street brands.

Keep in mind that flawed items (with a rating score of 3 or less) will be cheaper too. Any damage will always be photographed and mentioned.

In the rare case that an item might be wrongfully priced, we reserve the right to cancel the order. For more information on this, please see the Terms and conditions.

Is this site safe?


We do not share your information with third parties knowingly unless specified in our Privacy Policy.

All of our pages go via an SSL encrypted connection. Click the the locket next to the url in your browser for more info about this.

Your payments are processed via SSL encrypted pages to guarantee maximum security when paying online.

Products & Pricing

The rating system

We have a rating system to make it easier to convey the condition of the item:


5/5 = Perfect condition.

A brand new item, unworn, with tags still attached.


4,5/5 = Very good condition.

A new item without tags, or almost unworn item, which might have only been tried on in store. Older items could’ve been just hanging in a closet somewhere.


4/5 = Good condition.

This item shows barely signs of wear, it does not look brand new, but it still looks very good. There are no flaws.


3,5/5 = Okay condition.

This item shows the normal signs of wear. Such as very light pilling, or a creased brand tag, but this will only be visible up close. There are no flaws.


3/5 = Worn condition.

This item clearly shows signs of wear. You can see the fabric is worn, there might some pilling or the color could be faded.

Additional there could also be some minor defects, like a loose seam or a mark which will be specified on the product page.


2,5/5 = Very worn condition.

Usually this does not get sold here. If so, it is reflected in the low price. These are items which are worn and/or have mayor defects.

Product details

Our product images are altered to show a color true to nature.

However, due to different screens, the color of the ordered product might slightly differ from the online picture on your computer screen.

We try to portray all items honestly and always photograph and mention any flaws. We are not perfect so we might miss something. If so, please contact us.

Also keep in mind that all measurements are taken while flat, so measurements should be used as an approximate.

We understand that shopping online isn’t always optimal, so for additional information on a garment (pictures, measurements etc.), please contact us.

The items disappeared from my cart/wishlist?

We sell vintage clothes, so usually we’ll only have one piece available. When it is no longer in your wishlist or cart, it usually means it has sold.

If all your items suddenly disappeared from your wishlist, that’s probably because you deleted the cookies in your browser. Take a look around, they might all still be available.



All items are priced in Euro’s. When checking out in another currency, the conversion rates of PayPal of your local bank apply.

If you are placing your order for the first time and are not sure about our service or quality, check out with PayPal for buyer’s protection. For later purchases, we recommend credit- or debitcard, because your local bank has better currency conversion rates.

Even though the second option does not offer buyer’s protection, we will refund lost packages in full and offer discounts when the item arrives in a damaged box or has flaws that are not mentioned.


If you live outside the EU, customs may apply. All prices exclude these customs fees, so check your local post or government page for the applicable fees.

If you are not sure, please contact us. We can help you with the customs declaration.

For more info on shipping and deliveries, check our shipping and deliveries page.

VAT refunds

We can not do VAT refunds.

If you would like the VAT to be refunded, please contact your local authorities to fill in your paperwork. We can not process VAT refunds on behalf of clients.

Please note that every country has its own rules and it is up to the client to check these prior to purchasing.


All our packages are sent in unbranded brown boxes.

Each order comes with a black luxury box with magnet strip and each item is wrapped in silk paper. (please keep and re-use this black box)

Sale products come without the luxury box, but are still double wrapped in silk paper.

If you want your items sent as a gift, please let us know in the notes while checking out and we’ll seal the black boxes and add a new garment tag without the price.


For more info on shipping and deliveries, check our shipping and deliveries page.

I am not happy with my purchase

We’re sorry that you’re not happy with your purchase. Sadly we can not offer returns since we’re selling on behalf of private persons. We merely provide a shopping and selling service.

We try to be as transparent as possible when describing the item’s flaws and every items goes in for a second quality check before shipping. If a flaw gets noticed while packing, we will hold off on shipping and contact you beforehand. You will be offered two options: a cancellation and full refund, or a discounted price on the item and a partial refund.
Sometimes we make mistakes and miss something, so please let us know immediately, we’ll be glad to come up with a solution.

We will ALWAYS refund lost packages in full and offer discounts when the item arrives in a damaged box or has flaws that are not mentioned.

I want to sell my clothes

Can I sell via your store?

Sadly we are not purchasing anymore.

Discount codes

My discount code doesn't work

Please make sure to type the uppercase and lowercase letters.

Discount codes can not be combined. So only one can be used at the same time.

Be sure to check the expiration date of your coupon. If you received a personal discount code, mail us and we’ll be happy to extend your discount code.

If your problem keeps persisting, please contact us, we’ll provide you with a new code.

How do you get a discount code?

If you’re a regular shopper or if you bought a large amount, we will random send out discount codes to thank you as a valued customer.

We regularly send out additional discount codes via email. So be sure to follow us on Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest, a wild discount code may appear!

How to contact us

Where are you located?

We’re located in Geel, Belgium. Therefore, shipping is less expensive within the European Union. And free within Belgium.

We can’t take appointments anymore. We apologise for this, but we’ve had multiple thefts, even in our home. We will maybe come back on this decision in later times.

I want to contact you online

If you have any questions or remarks, please send us an email via the form below. We’ll be glad to be at your service.