Shipping & deliveries

Shipping is FREE for all orders over 300€.

Shipping within Belgium and to the Netherlands, France and Germany is also free.


All parcels are shipped with BPOST, our national post. Extremely valuable parcels (+ 500€) will be upgraded for free with secure DHL shipping. If you wish to have an upgrade, this can be arranged, but shipping costs will be higher (apologies)


Shipping takes around 2-3 days on average in Europe, 6 days to the US and around 7 days worldwide. See below for details. These are business days and exclude weekends.

Where do you ship?

We ship to all countries worldwide. Should you experience a problem with purchasing, don’t hesitate to contact us and we will fix this.


If you live outside the EU, customs may apply. All prices exclude these customs fees, so check your local post or government page for the applicable fees. If you are sending a gift, let us know, because there are no import duties for gifts.

If you are not sure, please contact us. We can help you with the customs declaration.

What kind of shipping do you offer?

We only offer shipping with tracking. All packages are sent via our national postal service: Bpost.


All our packages are sent in unbranded brown boxes.

Each order comes with a black luxury box with magnet strip and each item is wrapped in silk paper. (please keep and re-use this black box)

Sale products come without the luxury box, but are still double wrapped in silk paper.

If you want your items sent as a gift, please let us know in the notes while checking out and we’ll seal the black boxes and add a new garment tag without the price.

How long does shipping take?

Packing of your parcel: 1-3 days depending on orders


Belgium: 2 business days

Europe: 4 business days

USA: 6-7 business days (please note that there have been rare instances where the parcel had to wait 5 days at the export facility to board a plane)

Other countries: 7-10 business days (please note that there have been rare instances where the parcel had to wait 5 days at the export facility to board a plane)


Business days means: excluding weekends and holidays.

What are the shipping rates?

Our shipping is weight based, which means: the heavier the package, the higher the shipping costs. The best way to see the shipping costs, is to add items to your basket. Based on your location and the total weight, the module will calculate the shipping cost.


Shipping is FREE for all orders over 300€.

Shipping to Belgium, the Netherlands, France and Germany is also free.


In our shipping fees, local custom services are not included. If you are buying a gift, let us know and we will mark the package as a gift.

Can I track my package?

Yes you can.

After purchasing, you will receive an email where you can follow your parcel

and this will also be available in your account >

Help, my parcel did not arrive!

We’re sorry. Please contact us asap and we’ll make sure it gets to you.

Do you offer returns?

We’re sorry that you’re not happy with your purchase.

Sadly we can not offer returns since we’re selling on behalf of private persons. We merely provide a shopping and selling service.


If you purchased something and wish to return it, please let us know and we’ll be happy to relist the item for you on the Vaniitas website for a lower commission.


In case of unmentioned damage, please contact us. We try to be as transparent as possible when describing the item’s flaws and every items goes in for a second quality check before shipping. Sometimes we make mistakes and miss something, so please let us know immediately, we’ll be glad to come up with a solution.

Can I come by and shop?

Our apologies but due to multiple thefts, we do not allow for visitors at the studio.

If you have questions about an item (sizing, measurements or additional pictures) feel free to contact us here.