COVID-19 hygienic measures

With the WHO branding the coronavirus as a global epidemic, I want to clarify how this affects your orders and my package handling.


As a one-woman business I can oversee the health of my whole staff, aka just me.


I take many measures to prevent myself from contracting the virus. On one hand to avoid falling ill and having to close the store. But mostly to prevent the virus of spreading via parcels.

I have become a bit of a hypochondriac myself, so this small etiquette guide is to keep you updated and to give you some peace of mind.



I currently switched to DHL express. They have their own carriers, which means faster shipping and more secure delivery.

With COVID, delivery times will fluctuate a bit, so below are effective delivery times per shipped parcel. (will be updated regularly)


It takes 4 – 6 days for the parcel to be sorted for international shipping in Belgium

Europe: sorting time + 2 days

Asia, US, Canada: sorting time + 4 days


You can see delivery times and locations here. Parcels to Russia can only be delivered to company addresses.

Belgium updates

To keep you all informed as much as possible, I will try to keep all current affairs up to date as much as possible.

If you speak Dutch you can follow live updates here >


Currently there are 56.235 confirmed cases in Belgium (population 12 million). Full lockdown has been announced. All bars and restaurants are closed. Alle events and large gatherings are cancelled. Schools are closed and daycare will be provided. Supermarkets and pharmacies will stay open during the week but will be closing in the weekend. From now on all parcels will be shipped with DHL to increase delivery times. I will cover the extra costs for them myself. Currently Bpost’s delivery times are extremely slow and DHL has it’s own carries which mean deliveries outside Europe will take 4 – 10 days.


You can see all wordwide progress and stats of the coronavirus here > (with some delay)

Transmission of the virus

Coronaviruses “primarily spread through close contact with another individual, in particular through coughing and sneezing on somebody else who is within a range of about 3 to 6 feet from that person,” said Dr. Kathy Lofy, a state health officer for Washington.


Time from exposure to onset of symptoms is generally between two and 14 days, with an average of five days.


Human coronaviruses can remain infectious on inanimate surfaces at room temperature for up to 9 days. At a temperature of 30°C or more the duration of persistence is shorter.

Hygienic measures

All boots, leather, plastic, etc fabrics are wiped with disinfectant upon arrival. They are wiped a second time prior to shipping. All other fabrics are steamed upon arrival and departure since high temperatures shorten the contamination period.


I wash my hands with disinfectant prior to packing clothes. I wear latex gloves and cover my mouth wile packing and quickly remove myself from the room should I feel a sneeze coming up. Of course my hands are washed and disinfected again after this.


I do not wear a N95 mask. These should be kept for elderly people that have a high mortality risk and the hospitals and other medical staff that needs them more. I suggest you do not hoard masks if you’re in good health.

Voluntary quarantine

From the 18th of March, I will be confining myself at home as much as possible. I’ll ship parcels in the morning, right when the postoffice opens. The offices will still be clean and quiet. I usually buy many household items in bulk and am now ordering more online to prevent going to the grocery store as much as possible. Plus: I also grow my own veggies.


I am following lockdown protocol to the fullest. I don’t even go groceryshopping anymore. I just place parcels on the counter where they get scanned by the employees. I am no longer taking the receipts, since it is all processed online.


I haven’t been (knowingly) in contact with people infected with corona. There was one case in Geel: a child at a school. I am not showing any symptoms.

In case of infection

The virus is contagious person-to-person during an incubation period of 14 days. Coronaviruses can remain infectious on inanimate surfaces up to 9 days. Should I show symptoms (prior to getting tested): all people that ordered 3 weeks before this will be notified. If your package is on it’s way, you’ll also be notified in advance.


Your parcels are handled by many people on their way to you. I would recommend placing your parcel in a separate room until this period has passed. Don’t forget to wash your hands after receiving the box.

Parcel delays

All shipping (exl Belgium) will be upgraded free of charge to DHL parcel service. They have their own carriers, which means worldwide orders are possible and shipping times have decreased dramatically. (for example: shipping to the US takes around 4 days now)


Currently the free shipping threshhold is upgraded to 300€ because of this.


Shipping to Rusia is only possible to companies so please list your company address

Any other questions?

If you have more questions, you can mail info(at)vaniitas(dot)com