Ann Demeulemeester black dress with draped hip and wide sleeves — pre-2003

Size: 38

Shoulder to shoulder: 42 cm

Armpit to armpit: 44 cm

Hips: 48 cm

Length: 110 cm

Sleeves: 70 cm



100% rayon



Black dress

The fabric is gathered at the hips, creating a cowl drape in front

Long wide withy sleeves


Asymmetric hemline

Slightly sheer with backlighting

An earlier season: pre-2003 or 90’s


Condition: 3,5/5

Overall light pilling



About Ann Demeulemeester

Ann Demeulemeester is a renowned Belgian fashion designer known for her avant-garde and poetic approach to design. Born on December 30, 1959, in Waregem, Belgium, Demeulemeester developed a passion for fashion at an early age. She studied fashion design at the Royal Academy of Fine Arts in Antwerp, where she met other influential designers of the Antwerp Six, including Dries Van Noten and Dirk Van Saene.

In 1985, Ann Demeulemeester launched her eponymous fashion label, which quickly gained recognition for its unique aesthetic and rebellious spirit. Her designs challenged conventional norms, embracing dark colors, asymmetry, and unconventional silhouettes. Demeulemeester’s work often blurred the lines between masculine and feminine, blending elements of both to create a distinct and androgynous style.

One of the defining characteristics of Demeulemeester’s designs is her exploration of contrasting themes, such as light and shadow, fragility and strength, and chaos and order. She frequently incorporated elements of deconstruction, layering, and draping techniques to create a sense of movement and fluidity in her garments. Her collections were characterized by their poetic narratives and emotional depth, inviting the wearer to embrace their individuality and express their inner selves.

Demeulemeester’s designs gained international acclaim, and she became known as a pioneer in the fashion industry, inspiring a new generation of designers. Her collections were showcased at prestigious fashion events, including Paris Fashion Week, where her shows became highly anticipated for their immersive and theatrical presentations.

Throughout her career, Demeulemeester collaborated with various artists, musicians, and photographers, expanding her creative horizons and pushing the boundaries of fashion. She also developed a strong following among celebrities and fashion enthusiasts, who admired her ability to create garments that exuded a sense of mystery and timelessness.

In 2013, Ann Demeulemeester made the decision to leave her eponymous label, but her legacy continued to resonate in the fashion world. Her designs continue to be celebrated for their avant-garde aesthetic, craftsmanship, and enduring influence on contemporary fashion.

Today, Ann Demeulemeester’s impact on the fashion industry remains profound. Her designs continue to inspire and captivate, embodying a unique blend of rebellion, elegance, and poetic beauty. Her contributions have solidified her status as a visionary designer whose work transcends trends and stands as a testament to the power of artistic expression in the world of fashion.

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