Ann Demeulemeester white sheer wrapped dress with painted block — spring 1999

Size: 40 (fits multiple sizes)

Armpit to armpit: 47 cm / 18.5 inch

Length: 133 cm / 52.4 inch



100% cotton



White sheer maxi length dress

Large white screenprinted block around the bodice (non-transparent)

Painted white trim around the hemline

Triple shoulder straps

Wraps around the body with overlap

Asymmetric neckline with folded over fabric underneath one armpit

Two ribbons and slit hole to wrap the dress

Overlapping panel across the front of the hip

or gathered panel with open back depending on how it’s worn

Can be worn multiple ways:

Artisanal fabric treatment


From the spring 1999 collection


Condition: 2,5/5

Discoloration underneath tge armpits, dirt on the lower seam of the hemline from dragging on the ground


*PLEASE NOTE: dryclean and bleach at your own risk*



About Ann Demeulemeester

Biography: Step into the enigmatic world of Ann Demeulemeester, a Belgian fashion virtuoso born in Kortrijk in 1959. Graduating from the Royal Academy of Fine Arts in Antwerp in 1981, Ann swiftly emerged as part of the renowned “Antwerp Six,” a group of avant-garde designers revolutionizing the fashion landscape. With a penchant for pushing boundaries, Demeulemeester’s journey from art student to iconic designer is a narrative steeped in creativity and rebellion.

Brand Aesthetic: Ann Demeulemeester’s eponymous brand is a symphony of dark romanticism and edgy minimalism. Each piece is a canvas, reflecting a sense of poetic rebellion and a celebration of individualism. The brand’s signature monochromatic palette is a playground for texture and silhouette experimentation, creating garments that are simultaneously ethereal and powerful. Demeulemeester’s designs exude a timeless elegance that challenges conventional fashion norms.

Fashion Inspirations: At the heart of Demeulemeester’s creations lies a marriage of contrasts. Her work draws inspiration from literature, art, and music, seamlessly blending opposing elements. From the decadent allure of the Victorian era to the raw energy of punk rock, Ann’s designs encapsulate a myriad of influences. The result? A collection that transcends trends, inviting wearers to embrace their inner maverick.

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Embark on a sartorial journey with Ann Demeulemeester, where fashion becomes a canvas for self-expression, and each piece tells a story of rebellion and elegance.

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