Anthony Vaccarelly dark navy shirt with brass buttons and metal sleeve decoration — spring 2015

Size: 36

Shoulder to shoulder: 50 cm /19.7 cm

Armpit to armpit: 50 cm /19.7 cm

Sleeves: 35 cm / 13.8 cm

Length: 76 cm / 30 inch



100% virgin wool



Dark navy shirt

Six decorative gold brass buttons on the chest

Gathered sleeve detail with black straps, brass grommets en heavy metal plates

Minimalist closure with hidden brass buttons

Relaxed fit

Standard shirt collar


From the spring 2015 runway collection


Condition: 3,5/5

Light wear, slight lighter spot on the bottom and fading in the neckline

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About Anthony Vaccarello

  1. nthony Vaccarello: Sculpting Elegance in Contemporary Fashion | Designer BiographyAnthony Vaccarello, a Belgian-Italian fashion designer, has ascended as a prominent figure in the fashion realm, celebrated for his dynamic approach to elegance and innovation. Born on September 4, 1982, in Brussels, Belgium, Vaccarello’s artistic journey has consistently pushed boundaries and redefined modern luxury.Brand Synopsis: Vaccarello’s eponymous brand epitomizes a fusion of sensuality and architectural precision. His designs seamlessly intertwine daring silhouettes with meticulous craftsmanship, creating an aesthetic that resonates with confident individuals seeking an unconventional interpretation of glamour.

    Aesthetic and Inspirations: At the core of Anthony Vaccarello’s aesthetic lies a devotion to structure and form. His work often channels a sculptural sensibility, sculpting fabric with precision to accentuate the human form. Influences drawn from art, architecture, and contemporary culture converge to create designs that evoke both strength and sensuality. The designer’s appreciation for women’s empowerment further permeates his creations, resulting in pieces that celebrate individuality and self-assurance.

    Impact and Recognition: Anthony Vaccarello’s contributions have garnered acclaim within the fashion industry and beyond. His designs have graced the pages of renowned publications such as Vogue, Harper’s Bazaar, and W Magazine. The brand’s presence on the international stage has solidified its status as a symbol of contemporary elegance.

    Influence and Legacy: Vaccarello’s imprint extends beyond his own label. As the creative director of Saint Laurent, he has navigated the brand with a blend of his distinctive vision and the house’s heritage. Collaborations and partnerships with other creatives have also amplified his influence, propelling fashion narratives to new heights.

    Continued Evolution: As the fashion landscape evolves, Anthony Vaccarello’s journey remains marked by innovation and adaptability. His dynamic perspective and commitment to pushing boundaries continue to shape the industry, inspiring both established and emerging designers.

    Conclusion: Anthony Vaccarello’s artistic voyage is a testament to his ability to redefine luxury fashion through bold and sculptural designs. His distinctive fusion of strength and sensuality paves the way for a new era of elegance, celebrating the confident and empowered individual.

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