Bless n°20 grey extra oversized stoneshorts with paperbag waist — 2003

Size: One size

Waist: 66 cm

Rise: 51 cm

Leg circumference: 72 cm

Length: 67 cm



100% cotton



Grey shorts

Model: stoneshorts

Extra oversized model

Meant to be fit each size

Extreme drop crotch

Two straps are fastened at the back

The straps should be tied in the front, creating a paperbag waist

By belting the trousers, a pleat is created where on leg’s fabric overlaps the other

Wide legs standing outwards

Back slit pockets

BLESS button on the back

With a stoneways

Part of the 2003 n°20 collection: O.Kayers


Condition: 3,5/5

Regular wear, the faded creases are part of the design

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