Dirk Bikkembergs brown boots with hooks and laces through the soles (44) — mid 90’s

Size: 44

Insole:  28 cm

Outsole: 32 cm

Shaft: 15 cm

Heel: 5 cm

Platform: 2 cm



100% leather



Brown boots

SLightly reddisch undertones

Contrasting black mountaineering undersole with square front tip

One hook on the inner side of the boots

The laces need to be lopped around it and then put through the hole in the sole

Two rows of hooks on the outside of the boots, similar to hiking boots

The laces need to be crossed around the hooks

Inner flap underneath the closure with pull loop

Shoelaces wrapping around the boot through a hole in the sole

Square cut sole

Wider sole with stitching all around

Reinforced tip

Wooden heel

Black leather laces

Beautiful patina of the leather

Dated 1995 – 2002

Part of the MOMU collection


See the experts at the MOMU describing the design and history of the 90’s Dirk Bikkembergs boots


Condition: 4/5

Good condition. The boots have been redyed, but so that the patina remains. Some wear on the undersole of one heel but does not need replacing.