Dirk Bikkembergs hot pink sleeveless tee with black piping and DIRK printed — spring 2004

Size: 44

Shoulder to shoulder: 39 cm / 15.35 inch

Armpit to armpit: 47 cm / 18.5 inch

Length: 64 cm / 25.2 inch



Unknown, seems cotton and spandex mix



Hot pink tee

Sleeveless model

Black piping around the armpits and neck

DIRK printed in black on the chest

Round neckline

Stretchy fabric

Sport Couture line

From the spring 2004 collection


Condition: 4/5

Good condition, minimal wear



About Dirk Bikkembergs

Dirk Bikkembergs: Athletic Edge in Fashion Fusion | Brand Insight

Dirk Bikkembergs, the Belgian-German label headquartered in Milan, is synonymous with innovative fashion that seamlessly merges sports and style. Named after founder Dirk Bickembergs, the brand has redefined casual wear by infusing it with athletic influences.

Brand’s Evolution: Founded by Dirk Bickembergs, the brand emerged in the ’80s as part of the revolutionary “Antwerp Six,” a group that transformed Antwerp into a fashion capital. The label garnered acclaim, winning the prestigious Canette d’Or award and introducing an avant-garde shoe collection.

Sporty Transition: Transitioning from elegant Parisian avant-garde, Bickembergs embraced a sporty direction in the late ’90s. The introduction of Dirk Bikkembergs Sport Couture in Milan marked a shift towards sports-inspired fashion. Collaborations with the Milan football club “Inter” reinforced the brand’s connection to athletics.

Football Fusion Legacy: Bickembergs’ collaboration with football went beyond design. Acquiring an amateur football club, he transformed it into a fabric testing ground, melding fashion with sport. The resulting fusion of athletic aesthetics and innovative designs left a lasting impact.

Contemporary Influence: With creative director Lee Wood at the helm, the brand’s legacy continues. Dirk Bikkembergs remains a beacon of fashion innovation, intertwining sports and style in a way that resonates with modern trends and lifestyle.

Explore More: Discover the official Dirk Bikkembergs website and learn about the brand’s journey on Wikipedia. For insights into the Antwerp Six collective, read about it on Artsy. Dive into the history of Dirk Bikkembergs to understand its evolution. Explore the innovative blend of football and fashion on Fashion Network.

Keywords: Dirk Bikkembergs, sports and style, athletic fashion, Antwerp Six, sport-inspired fashion, football collaboration, innovative designs, fashion fusion, contemporary brand influence.

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