Issey Miyake Windcoat green oversized or dress-shaped parka — 1990s

Size: S (men’s S, women’s S-M)

Shoulder to shoulder: 49 cm

Armpit to armpit: 52 cm

Sleeves: 60 cm

Length: 128 cm



100% nylon



Khaki green parka

Oversized maxi-length model

The drawstrings at the waist can be gathered to change the silhouette into a dress

Extra panel with snap buttons on the front and the back, to create slits

Straps to fasten the cuffs


Windcoat line


Issey Miyake has become so well known for his billowy raincoats, that in 1989 he started designing a separate collection of the signature styles, called ”windcoats.” The styles can be worn by men and women. All are sort of flowing, like kimonos.

”Kimonos are the cornerstone of Issey Miyake’s designs,” said Gary Dufresne, a sales executive for Issey Miyake. ”When you wear a kimono it’s like wearing air.”


— Source: “Patterns” b


Condition: 3,5/5

Good condition with a chafing mark