Jurgi Persoons black blazer deconstructed into a tailcoat with red stitches — fall 1999

Size: 40

Shoulder to shoulder: 36 cm

Armpit to armpit: 38 cm

Sleeves: 75 cm

Length front: 50 cm

Length back: 82 cm



100% merino wool



Black tailcoat

Made from a long deconstructed blazer

The front is cut in half and the bottom part of the blazer is sewn against the back

This creates a cropped hem in the front

Chopped hemline with frayed finish and loose threads

Red stitches are handsewn in an irrugular row along the cut

Longer at the back with slit

Red stitches across the middle

Cuff with one button

Structured shoulders

Fully lined

From the fall 1999 collection: Glass Cages Girls by the River – Quai de Seine


Condition: 4/5

Good condition

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About Jurgi Persoons

Jurgi Persoons’ designs are quite extreme and can be disturbing and arouse controversy, yet this is what makes them fascinating. Slanting hems, tweed combined with snake skin, tartan checks with finely worked embroideries create a style which is on the verge of bad taste. But despite taking these risks, his clothes are not ugly. The way in which his clothes are presented, especially in photographs, reflects the mood of his collection, leaving a forceful and unforgettable impression.


With each new collection, Jurgi Persoons refers to human characteristics, sentiments, situations, convictions, radical attitudes and their emotional impact. His universe raises questions, rather than giving judgments.Jurgi Persoons combines a naive sense of humour with aggressive contrasts. As he states it: “People’s aspirations for a certain ideal appearance often transpire through the mistakes they make in the search for that ideal, and that is exactly what interests me most, because their failing efforts often produce quite hyperrealistic images. It’s the tension between these imperfect attempt to create a certain image and that which is considered socially acceptable — that evokes strong reactions, like aversion or adoration.”

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