Rick Owens black double-layered mermaid skirt with frayed finish

Size: unknown (M – L)

Waist at the waistband: 42 – 46 cm

Waist at the bottom of the knit trim: 38 – 46 cm

Hips: 37 cm

Length: 110 cm






Black maxi skirt

Mermaid style, becoming flared below the knee

Double layered fabric

Both layers are sheer

Irregular hems

Frayed finish on the hems

The inner layer is shorter, showing the sheerness of the skirt

Diagonal seams twisting around the skirt

Dark brown knit waistband

Elastic waist

Unknown season, might be spring 2005


Condition: 2,5/5

The waistband has been stretched out on the top, there is some fixing at the back seam, all tags have been cut-out but this comes from the same person as the SCORPIO trousers, and all fabric seems to match previously sold pieces.



About Rick Owens

Rick Owens is an American designer. He studied fashion design at Otis College of Art and Design before dropping out and taking pattern-making courses at Los Angeles Trade-Technical College.


He started his career making knock-off designer clothing. This taught him the tools of his trade: a thorough knowledge of cutting and draping.


Rick Owens’ clothes are often described post-apocalyptic, yet glamorous. He references subcultures like goth and grunge, but he also did an infamous street wear inspired collection in 2014 with step teams dancing on the runway.


Owens often states that he develops his new collection based on his previous ones, resulting an instant recognizable aesthetic.


Together with his wife, business partner and muse Michèle Lamy, Rick Owens is expanding his empire, launching DRK SHDW, Lilies and designing brutalist interior pieces.


Rick Owens is most known for his sharp cut leather jackets with ultra long tight sleeves. It was one of these statement pieces that instantly launched Owens, when Kate Moss wore it in French Vogue.

Additional information

Weight 0.9 kg
Womens size