Rick Owens SCORPIO grey sheer draped jacket with stitched dots and front ties — spring 2005


40IT 8GB

36DE 6US

Shoulder to shoulder: 37 cm / 14.56 inch

Armpit to armpit: 41 cm / 16.14 inch

Length front: 108 cm / 42.5 inch

Length back: 61 cm / 24 inch

Sleeves: 70 cm / 27.5 inch



60% silk 30% nylon 10% cotton

Lining: 70% rayon 30% cotton



Light grey jacket

Sheer fabric with stitched dots on stripes

Large front waterfall drape

Ties above the chest to knot in the front

Long sleeves with inner ribbed trim

Longer in the front than in the back

Two outer pockets

One inner pocket

Double folded fabric

Lined shoulder panel

From the SCORPIO spring 2005 collection


Condition: 4/5

Good condition, no flaws



About Rick Owens

Biography: Rick Owens, a visionary American fashion designer, was born on November 18, 1962, in Porterville, California. His avant-garde designs have redefined the fashion landscape, earning him global acclaim. Owens’ journey began with his studies at Otis College of Art and Design in Los Angeles, followed by a move to Paris in the mid-’90s, where he established his eponymous label in 1994.


Brand Aesthetic: Rick Owens’ eponymous brand embodies a distinctive aesthetic, characterized by a dark, edgy, and avant-garde sensibility. Renowned for his architectural silhouettes, unconventional fabric choices, and a fearless exploration of asymmetry, Owens crafts pieces that transcend traditional fashion norms. His creations seamlessly blend a rebellious urban edge with a refined, high-fashion aesthetic, making his brand synonymous with modern luxury.


Fashion Inspirations: Owens draws inspiration from a myriad of sources, ranging from art and architecture to subcultures and music. His designs often reflect a unique amalgamation of brutalist structures and a streetwise attitude. Owens himself articulates this blend, stating, “I’ve always been attracted to things that are a little bit on the dark side, and that’s always been the place I’m most comfortable.”


Quotes: Rick Owens’ design philosophy is encapsulated in his own words: “I like things that are kind of grandiose and powerful, but then at the same time, it’s banal and stupid.” This juxtaposition of grandeur and simplicity is evident in his collections, where each piece tells a story of contrasts.


“I’m inspired by people who have an independent sense of style and a strong sense of self,” Owens explains, emphasizing the empowerment that comes with embracing individuality. This ethos is reflected in his inclusive approach to fashion, celebrating diversity and self-expression.


Explore the avant-garde world of Rick Owens, a trailblazing American fashion designer whose eponymous label has redefined luxury. Discover the unique blend of dark, edgy aesthetics and architectural silhouettes that characterize the Rick Owens brand. Dive into the designer’s journey from California to the fashion epicenter of Paris, where he founded his label in 1994.


Explore Rick Owens’ unconventional fabric choices and fearless exploration of asymmetry, creating pieces that transcend traditional fashion norms. Immerse yourself in the designer’s inspirations, ranging from art and architecture to subcultures and music, resulting in a collection that embodies a rebellious urban edge and refined luxury.


Delve into the mind of Rick Owens through his own words, where he expresses his attraction to the “dark side” and the harmonious coexistence of grandeur and simplicity in his designs. Celebrate individuality and empowerment with the designer’s inclusive approach to fashion.


For in-depth articles and further exploration of Rick Owens’ impact on the fashion world, visit reputable sources like Vogue and Business of Fashion.

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