Yohji Yamamoto × Matatabi black and white marbled paper clutch bag — fall 2015


Size: one size

Width: 36 cm

Length (closed): 25 cm

Length (open: 46 cm






Black and white clutch bag

Double folded model

Marbled exterior with ‘crazy global warming’ on one side and a Japanese sign on the other

White inner side with Yohji Yamamoto’s name written in his handwriting

Made of fabric, covered in water resistant paper (tyvek)

Both sides of the clutch have a zipper closure and an interior snap button

White pocket on the inner side

Black fabric interior with one inside pocket

Yohji Yamamoto × Matatabi collab collection from fall 2015

Retail price £249 / €288 /$326


Condition: 2,5/5

The paper is cracked and some tears on the sides and seams

In stock

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