Ann Demeulemeester black double cargo pocket skirt with separate fanny pack — spring 2004

Size: 40 (can fit larger)

Waist : 38 – 48 cm / 15 – 18.9 inch

Hips: 52 cm / 20.5 inch

Length: 50 cm / 19.7 inch






Black knee-length skirt

Cargo pockets on both sides

Flap closure on the pockets with visible buttons

Strap with button attachement on the backside of the cargo pockets

Separate fanny pack with cargo pocket and two extra long straps

Zipper and button closure on the skirt

Three buttons with inner strap on the side to adjust the waist

Front pockets

Shiny fabric


From the spring 2004 collection


Condition: 3,5/5

Light wear, one of the belt buckles on the bum bag feels rusty, pressed circle from clothing hanger on the waistband


*PLEASE NOTE: there is a slight difference in fabric and color between the fanny pack and the skirt*



About Ann Demeulemeester

Welcome to the captivating realm of Ann Demeulemeester, a fashion designer who has masterfully danced on the edge of darkness and elegance. Let’s journey through the mysterious biography of Ann Demeulemeester, immerse ourselves in her brand’s iconic aesthetic, and unravel the enigmatic inspirations that shape her mesmerizing creations.

Biography of Ann Demeulemeester:

Ann Demeulemeester, the enigmatic Belgian designer, has carved her name into the annals of avant-garde fashion. Her journey into the world of design began in the mid-1980s, when she emerged from the Royal Academy of Fine Arts in Antwerp, Belgium. With a penchant for the unconventional, Demeulemeester quickly gained notoriety for her darkly romantic creations. Her brand, launched in 1987, became a haven for those who sought a unique blend of elegance and rebellion. Demeulemeester herself embodies the enigma of her brand, rarely appearing in public without her signature all-black attire and pale complexion.

Ann Demeulemeester Brand Aesthetic:

The Ann Demeulemeester brand is a tapestry of darkness and sublime elegance, where monochromatic palettes meet intricate tailoring. Her designs often feature flowing silhouettes, sheer fabrics, and leather accents, evoking a sense of poetic rebellion. Demeulemeester’s commitment to craftsmanship and attention to detail shines through in each piece, offering a sense of timelessness that defies the ever-changing fashion landscape. Her collections seem to whisper stories of melancholic beauty and an unapologetic allure.

Fashion Inspirations:

Ann Demeulemeester draws inspiration from the shadows, exploring themes of androgyny, rebellion, and romanticism. Her designs are a blend of art, music, and cultural influences, with a hint of punk-rock attitude. She often embraces unconventional materials, like distressed leather and feathered accents, to infuse her creations with a sense of dark allure. Demeulemeester’s ability to evoke emotions through her designs has solidified her status as a visionary in the fashion world.

Legacy and Influence:

Ann Demeulemeester’s influence on the fashion landscape is profound. Her dark romanticism has inspired countless designers and has become a coveted aesthetic in the world of high fashion. Her commitment to pushing boundaries and celebrating individuality has left an indelible mark on the industry.

Dive deeper into the captivating world of Ann Demeulemeester with these enlightening articles and websites:

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Immerse yourself in the poetic and rebellious world of Ann Demeulemeester, where darkness and elegance intertwine to create a symphony of fashion. Explore designs that challenge conventions, ignite emotions, and redefine the boundaries of sartorial expression.

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