Maison Martin Margiela blue knit t-shirt worn sideways — spring 2005

Size: unknown, seems S-M

Shoulder to shoulder: 39 cm / 15.3 cm

Armpit to armpit: 47 cm / 18.5 inch

Length: 62 cm / 24.4 inch

Measurements when worn sideways with arm through the sleeve






Blue t-shirt

Worn sideways

Can be worn with one arm thruogh the sleeve

The neckline will be an open circle on the side

The left side made of the original hemline, stitched close in the middle

The left arm can be put through the neckline

The sleeves are hanging loose on the shoulder

One sleeve hanging over the right hip

Knit fabric with ribbed trims


From the ‘afterparty’ spring 2005 collection


Condition: 3/5

Regular wear, seems to have darker spots (very faint, not visible on the mannequin or when laid flat) and some pulls, no holes



About Maison Martin Margiela

Maison Martin Margiela: Avant-Garde Legacy in Fashion | Brand Biography

Maison Martin Margiela, an enigmatic and pioneering fashion house, has left an indelible mark on the industry with its disruptive and innovative approach. Founded by Belgian designer Martin Margiela in 1988, the brand challenged conventions and redefined luxury fashion with its anonymity, unconventional aesthetics, and emphasis on creativity.

Brand Synopsis: Maison Martin Margiela stands as an emblem of avant-garde fashion, reshaping traditional norms and introducing radical concepts. Renowned for its minimalist and deconstructed designs, the brand often shunned overt branding, allowing its creations to speak volumes through their inherent creativity. This approach revolutionized luxury fashion, capturing the attention of those who seek artistic and intellectual resonance in their clothing choices.

Aesthetic and Inspirations: The brand’s aesthetic is characterized by deconstruction, surrealism, and an inclination toward anonymity. By repurposing and transforming existing garments, Maison Martin Margiela introduced a unique form of sustainability and breathed new life into fashion. Inspirations drawn from everyday objects, anonymity, and repurposing have led to collections that challenge the boundaries of traditional beauty.

Impact and Recognition: Maison Martin Margiela’s contributions to the fashion landscape have earned critical acclaim and a dedicated following. The brand’s avant-garde sensibilities have been celebrated in prominent publications such as Vogue, The New York Times, and Business of Fashion.

Influence and Legacy: Maison Martin Margiela’s influence extends beyond the runway. Its conceptual designs have inspired countless designers, shaping the evolution of fashion. Collaborations with brands like H&M have further magnified the brand’s reach, making its avant-garde philosophy accessible to a broader audience.

Continued Evolution: Following Martin Margiela’s departure, the brand continued under the creative direction of John Galliano, who embraced the essence of the house while infusing it with his artistic vision. The synergy of Galliano’s creativity and Maison Martin Margiela’s legacy continues to captivate the fashion world.

Conclusion: Maison Martin Margiela’s journey is a testament to fashion’s capacity for innovation and disruption. With its pioneering designs, unconventional aesthetics, and far-reaching influence, the brand remains an icon of avant-garde expression, inspiring future generations to challenge the norms of luxury fashion.

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Weight 0.9 kg
Womens size