Dirk Bikkembergs black tall boots with laces through the metal heel (44) — late 90’s

Size: 44

Insole:  29,5 cm

Outsole: 32 cm

Shaft: 19 cm

Heel: 5 cm

Platform: 1,5 cm



100% leather



Black boots

Very tall shaft

Metal heel with round hole

Shoelaces going through a hole in the sole

Front flap, closed by fastening the laces

Wider sole with stitching all around

Reinforced tip

A blue insole is glued on the inside

Presumably early 90’s, based on the metal heel


See the experts at the MOMU describing the design and history of the 90’s Dirk Bikkembergs boots


Condition: 3,5/5

One of the toetips is wrinkled and there’s a cut on the shaft of the right boot.

Can be fixed by attaching a leather flap on the inside, would would still be visible according to the cobbler.