Dirk Bikkembergs white boots with front flap and laces through the soles (37) — 90’s

Size: 37

Insole:  24

Outsole: 26 cm

Shaft: 10 cm

Heel: 4,5 cm

Platform: 1,5 cm



100% leather



Short ankle boots

White (have been repainted, white shoedye included to maintain colour)

Shoelaces going through a hole in the sole

Front flap, closed by fastening the laces

Wider sole with stitching all around

Reinforced tip

Wooden heel

New white leather laces (old black laces left traces on the boots)

Late 1990’s

Part of the MOMU collection


See the experts at the MOMU describing the design and history of the 90’s Dirk Bikkembergs boots


Condition: 2,5/5

These were off-white and have been redyed white. They had black laces that left traces on the boots (which are mildly visible), the laces have been replaced by new white leather laces. Small hook on the tip of one boot. Comes with the rest of the white paint, to maintain the white colour.