Dirk Bikkembergs burgundy boots with front flap and laces through the soles (37) — 90’s

Size: 37

Insole:  23,5

Outsole: 26 cm

Shaft: 10 cm

Heel: 4,5 cm

Platform: 1,5 cm



100% leather



Burgundy short boots

They are very dark, almost brown

Shoelaces going through a hole in the sole

Front flap, closed by fastening the laces

Wider sole with stitching all around

Reinforced tip

Wooden heel

Contrasting black laces and a darker sole

Late 1990’s

Part of the MOMU collection


See the experts at the MOMU describing the design and history of the 90’s Dirk Bikkembergs boots


Condition: 3/5

The leather is wrinkled on the front flap, and there was some chafing on the inside of the heels. This has been redyed, but is still mildly visible.